Minneapolis-St. Paul Community

The Twin Cities Community of Minneapolis-St. Paul was founded in 1999 and currently consists of 50 members actively engaged in faith sharing, biannual retreats and many individual or small group apostolic activities.  Two individuals are currently in formation with Jesuit Spiritual Directors.

Twin Cities IAs act as companions to the Jesuit Novices living in the area.  Some members spend 2-3 weeks each year serving the poor in Haiti and other parts of Central America. Others are active volunteers at programs serving the homeless by acquiring usable clothing in addition to food, distributing goods, driving the homeless to appointments, being a good listener and raising funds.

Numerous IAs assist the students and staff at Cristo Rey High School and are actively engaged in the Ignatian Volunteer Corps. Other IAs manage and work several times a year at Loaves and Fishes, a local food distribution center.

Several IAs were the moving force in the development of a program to offer a place of peace and solitude during what was expected to be (and was) a time of dissent and turmoil during the Republican Convention in St. Paul in the summer of 2008.  The program, called Peaceful Presence, was housed at Central Presbyterian Church in downtown St. Paul.  It served a need so well that it continues to this day through the hard work and generosity of IAs in the Twin Cities.

Many, if not all, of the IAs have brought other personal commitments to serving those in need, improved health care and spiritual growth that they willingly share with their companions.

To contact a leader of the Twin Cities community, write to info@ignatianassociates.org subject line “Twin Cities inquiry.”

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Twin Cities Ignatian Associate community, please click on the following documents to:

1) download and review the Process for joining,

2) download, complete and email back the Application Page to the email address noted on the form,

3) then download the cover letter for writers of recommendation to give to those writing letters for you.